Ye olde Update Post

So, right now I’m working on making a book out of my ABC’s of the Bible coloring pages. Once I’m done coloring them all in, I have to figure out how self-publishing works. There are lots of options but I’m not sure which is best. Here’s some of the colored images, still have to add text obviously.

A is for Adam P is for Peter T is for Ten

The next page of Samuel is being worked on as well and that’ll move along faster once I get this done.

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2 Responses to Ye olde Update Post

  1. alasta says:

    Oh cool, I love these color pages, are you making like a book of them with Blurb or something? That’d be sweet.

  2. ArtistXero says:

    I was thinking of just using Amazon’s CreateSpace or the new thing they released for making kid’s books on the Kindle. Though I’ll have to look into Blurb. Thanks for the tip!

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