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5 Responses to Old Things

  1. doodlelyle says:

    Matt, you’re making what has often appeared to be a dry portion of scripture come alive for me! Thanks!!

  2. ArtistXero says:

    Thanks for commenting Doodle, as I’m sure you know, sometimes you don’t know if anyone’s actually out there enjoying what you’re doing.

    BTW…if you can find this exact story in the bible you might have a faulty one.

  3. Happyo says:

    HA! Faulty one indeed, more like FUBAR and rewritten. 🙂

  4. Kay says:

    This is definitely entertaining…but biblical? What story is this referring to?

  5. ArtistXero says:

    Hello Kay, the comic is only bible related because it stars bible characters. It’s meant to entertain only, it’s not meant to be a literal translated bible story. Think of it as biblical fan fiction.

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