Saga of Samuel: Old Things Page 18

samuel page 18 The newest page of Old Things is here to party like it’s 1999. Click the pic to take you there.

In other news:

1.) Two episodes in and so far I’m enjoying the new Star Wars cartoon Rebels. Between that show and the Star Wars Black 6′ figure line I’m hoping it’s ok to like Star Wars again. Like maybe Disney can right all of Lucas’s wrongs. We’ll see. I think it’s all going to depend on Star Wars VII. If they don’t properly retire the old characters and establish interesting new ones then it’s going to blow up like a third Death Star. (Which I certainly hope isn’t a plot point in any way!)

2.) I really liked the first episode of The Flash. I enjoy it when a hero wants to be a hero and that’s the way the show seems to be leaning. Mopey, tortured, grumbly Anti-heroes are the worst and they’ve had the spotlight for long enough now. Time to enjoy real heroes again!

3.) I find it odd but I’ve been getting a lot of visitors for my Holy Ghost Movie review. Maybe I should do more reviews or something?  Honestly though, since I only feel the need to write lengthy on things I don’t like (The Noah movie for instance) I probably wont do it too often. There are enough people griping about things on the internet that I try and keep it to a minimum. I don’t always succeed at that of course.

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