Saga of Samuel: Old Things Page 16 has arrived

samuel page 16Hello, howdy, how ya’ doin’? Old Things page 16 has arrived and wants to inhabit the inner recesses of your mind. You can click Sam’s scared face there or: CLICK HERE! to read it (I know you have to scroll down through the comic each time but when it’s all done it’ll be a singular read, unlike most webcomics where you have to click and keep on clicking)

If you read my last blog post or follow me on social media (and if not…why not? I’m terribly fascinating) you know that I’ve started a Patreon page: Pleading to become a Patron of The Saga of Samuel helps me to get the comic out faster and more regularly and isn’t that what we all want? Your pledge also gets you behind the scenes sketches and designs and you also get new pages one day earlier than everyone else. I may add more incentives over time but I haven’t figured out what yet.

The comic will always be free to read but being a Patron helps spur things along. If I have enough Patrons each pledging a little bit I could make Samuel full-time. I’ve got a big backlog of stories in my skull. I’d love to actually get them out into the world faster than I’m doing now. Think about it eh?

Enjoy the new page and Page 17 has been started.

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