6 Responses to I’m Still Here

  1. I was wondering… don’t stop! I love your work and I use it, from time to time, at my church in my kids ministry.
    I’ve purchased some of your other stuff… I’m hoping to take this and turn it into a curriculum.

  2. ArtistXero says:

    Thanks. I don’t plan on stopping and it’s always good to hear people are out there enjoying it. I can’t imagine how you’d ever turn the comic into curriculum…it’s not exactly standard bible fare.

  3. I was wondering what platform you use for your comics online?

  4. ArtistXero says:

    I’m not sure what you mean…this website is my platform. If you mean how I upload and display my comics and such, it’s just a standard wordpress page no plugins or anything.

  5. I meant what do you use to create the art work? Sorry for the confusion.

  6. ArtistXero says:

    Nope, my bad. I use Both Manga Studio and Photoshop to make the comic. I use Manga Studio to draw and color it up and Photoshop to do lettering and special effects and such.

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