I made a book!

So, when I’m not making The Saga of Samuel, one of my primary artistic endeavors is making Heroes of the Bible coloring pages. I asked for some feedback from those that have bought the coloring pages over the years and the general consensus was that my pages were good for older kids but they’d like to see something for younger kids. So I made up some ABC’s of the Bible coloring pages and I thought I’D get back to making Samuel again, as making coloring pages takes time from making comics, but then I got an email from Amazon about their new Kindle Kids Book Creator. So I decided to turn those ABC’ coloring pages into a book and it’s available now!

A is for Adam: The ABC's of the Bible

So, if you have some kids that need to learn their ABC’s and the bible maybe you’d like a copy? Right now it’s digital only. I’m going to look into print on demand sites but not just yet.

If you’d like to get a copy of A is for Adam: The ABC’s of the Bible: CLICK HERE!

(P.S. If you do get one please leave a review! That’d be great. Thanks!)

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