Hello Blog…

It’s been awhile. More than a year in fact since I last did any kind of update to The Saga of Samuel…and probably a year or more to go before any other updates can happen. I took on an illustration job where I’m basically drawing the biblical gospels and it’s become a “more than I can chew” kind of experience. All of my time is going into drawing this book and nothing else.

Alas, them’s the breaks…

At the same time though, while I don’t have time to draw the comic right now, I might be able to squeeze out a blog post or two here and there. I’ve become really disenfranchised with pretty much all social media these days. It’s become nothing but a bunch of desperate narcissists braying their jack-ass opinions to anyone who’ll listen into an echo chamber of endless stupidity. I figure, why be a braying jack-ass among other braying jack-asses when I can just go off into my own corner of the internet and be as narcissistic as everyone else but on my own personal platform.

A soapbox if you will.

I’ve always had great affection for blogging. Heck, I met my wife through blogging. So it’s done me good. Yet, I stopped blogging as social media became more prominent. It seemed the thing to do. Go where the people are and compose witty little things on Facebook and Twitter and watch as your followers grow. I enjoyed it at first, a “Like” here, a “Retweet” there, but in the back of my mind social media always kind of felt like the endless murmur of meaningless chatter you get from a crowd scene in a movie. A whole lotta nothing.

It’ hasn’t been all bad though.

I’ve learned of great resources that have immensely helped both my art and life in general, but frankly I don’t care about anyone’s political opinions, I don’t care about what new thing people are offended about, and I really don’t care about fallacy of a person’s life that social media allows one to present. That’s pretty much what all social media is now and it’s all empty and meaningless in the end.

I think blogging is different though. It’s like, instead of trying to have a conversation with someone at the food court in the mall on a Saturday, you’ve invited them over to your house and into your personal space just to talk to them alone. I suppose it’s really like hanging out in a dark alley talking to yourself and hoping at least a few people think your ramblings are interesting enough to listen to, but I digress…

So, I’m thinking of doing a little blogging. I think my lack of updates have chased away most everyone that’s interested in my comic so I’m probably talking to no one…and I’m just fine with that.

You’ll have to excuse my grammar, punctuation and overall terrible sentence structure, it’s been awhile since I wrote with any regularity and this book has turned me into a monosyllabic hermit while I draw all my days away.

Anyway, here’s some images from that book I’m drawing. It’s titled “Tales of the Messiah” and Volume 1 should be out in the middle of the year I think.

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