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A Dwarf a Day: Day 9

artistxero a dwarf a day day 9

I had high hopes for this fella but he didn’t quite turn out as good as I hoped. Kinda cute though.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 8

artistxero a dwarf a day day 8

I went a little sketchy on this one. Perhaps a bit more viking than dwarf. Vikarf? Dwarfing?

A Dwarf a Day: Day 7

Did a little branching off from the standard fantasy dwarf for Day 7

artistxero a dwarf a day day 7

For this dwarf I was shooting for something a little more alien or at the very least not your everyday dwarf. I imagine this kind of dwarf lives near, in or under a volcano and for some reason crystalline growths protrude from their heads. They have hair care issues.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 6

Day 6 brings us another female dwarf.

artistxero a dwarf a day day 6

I’m gonna say she’s some kind of paladin type. That’s kinda how she came out, though I was aiming more for a standard warrior. She had other ideas.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 5

The Day 5 Dwarf has a little trouble seeing the whole picture.

dwarf 5

I’m thinking this dwarf is some kind of Ranger type, maybe living in a mountain cave in the woods somewhere. Caught a owlbear claw to his face at some point in his life.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 4

The Day 4 Dwarf is a lady!

artistxero a dwarf a day day 4

I’m pretty sure this is the first female dwarf I’ve ever drawn. The women of the dwarven race aren’t exactly well represented in any part of fantasy. I imagine her name is Helga or Hilda and she’s a downright bruiser.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 3

Dawrf numero three-o

ArtistXero a Dwarf a Day-Day 3

A true dwarven warrior! A horned-helm is the mark of a seasoned veteran. The look on his face is one where he’s just about had enough of those dang elves.

I switched up the style on this one compared with the first two and I’ll probably keep changing styles as I do more. I is versatile.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 2

Day 2 of a Dwarf a Day

ArtistXero a Dwarf a Day-Day 2

This dwarven fellow looks like a high-society type. With those red eyes he’s could be somewhat vampiric or maybe is eyes are really bloodshot from squinting a lot.

A Dwarf a Day: Day 1

I’m going to draw a dwarf a day until I get tired of drawing dwarves. Though, I’m not sure that’s even possible.

dwarf 1

This dwarf…well, he has issues. Maybe a drinking problem, definitely some anger management issues. I’m thinking he lost a bet and had to color his hair green or, maybe, he just likes it that way.

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